5 Fun Sauces To Try On Your Pizza

Posted on: 29 July 2019


When people think of pizza sauce, a rich red sauce is usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, marinara is by far not the only sauce you can put on your pizza. The next time you make your own pizza or go out for pizza, have some fun and try a different sauce on your favorite pie.

Sauce #1: Pesto

One of the most classic pizza sauce alternatives is pesto sauce. Pesto adds a nice zing to your pizza and works well with just about any topping. When spreading pesto on your pizza, keep it thin. Pesto has a strong flavor so you don't need as much pesto sauce on your pizza as you would when building a marinara-based pizza.

Sauce #2: White Sauce

The formal name for white sauce is actually bechamel. It is a mixture made with butter, flour, milk, and seasoning, usually including garlic, sea salt, and Italian seasoning, with a little parmesan cheese added into the mix. White sauce seems to be traditionally paired with grilled chicken pizzas, although it can work with veggies-based combinations, too.

Sauce #3: Salsa

Salsa is not just for chips. If you want to have a Latin-inspired pizza, salsa can be a great substitute for sauce. A tomato-based salsa has a lot of the same flavor notes as a basic marinara sauce, or you can go with a salsa verde mixture if you want to be more adventurous. This type of sauce would work great with a pizza that includes toppings such as corns and beans.

Sauce #4: Hummus

Just like how salsa is not just for chips, hummus is not just for crackers. Hummus is a great pizza sauce. It works really well with a Greek-inspired pizza that includes feta cheese, olives, and peppers. With so many different hummus flavors, if you like the texture provide by a hummus pizza sauce, you can have some fun creating some unique flavor combinations.

Sauce #5: Ranch Sauce

If you love creamy ranch dressing for all your dipping needs, try it as a pizza sauce instead. Ranch dressing provides a nice creamy base for a pizza, similar to a white sauce. A ranch-sauce pizza works good with numerous topping options, from a Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza to a traditional pepperoni pizza to a veggie-based pizza.

Sauce #6: Simple Garlic & Oil

You don't always have to go heavy with your sauces. A drizzle of olive oil, paired with some freshly minced garlic, can create a really tasty base for the pizza. Be sure to go light on the garlic though, as it can easily overwhelm the toppings on your pizza if you add too much.

When it comes to building a customized pizza, have some fun with the sauce! Changing out the sauce while keeping your favorite toppings is an easy way to try something new.