Why A Chinese Restaurant Is The Perfect Place To Take A Date

Posted on: 30 May 2015


Are you getting ready to go out on an important date? Are you trying to decide where you should take him or her? Here are some reasons why you should take them to a Chinese restaurant, instead of anywhere else:

Safe for lactose intolerant people: If your date can't eat dairy products, then Chinese food is a good choice. Unlike many other cuisines, such as Italian or even Mexican food, Chinese food doesn't use cheese or milk. At a Chinese restaurant, a lactose intolerant person can order with confidence, as most dishes do not involve dairy at all. They won't have to wonder whether or not accidental cross-contamination will make them ill or not.

Good for vegetarians and vegans: Although some people think of a Chinese restaurant as simply a place to get Mongolian beef or moo shu pork, there are plenty of other things to order. There are many dishes that use tofu instead of meat, making them excellent choices for both vegans and vegetarians. Some restaurants may only offer a few of these vegan or vegetarian options on their menu. However, if the restaurant cooks things to order, instead of being buffet style, you may want to ask if they can specially make a dish or two. For example, if they offer pork with vegetables, you can ask if they will make it tofu with vegetables instead.

Many different choices: At most restaurants, you are stuck with eating one type of food, even if you realize that you actually wanted something else. If you order a pizza, you and your date will have to agree on what toppings to get. But if you visit a Chinese restaurant with a buffet, you won't have that problem. If you decide halfway through that you'd rather have spicy chicken instead of regular beef, you can easily get something new from the buffet line. If the restaurant isn't buffet style, it may offer several different size options, including family style dining so your and your date can share. Either way, instead of trying to work out a compromise of what to eat, you and your date can concentrate on getting to know one another better.

If you or your date was under the impression that there are only a few types of Chinese food, you'll be pleasantly surprised by your visit to a Chinese restaurant, like Ginger Beef Restaurants Macewan. Chinese food has a wide variety of tastes that can satisfy just about anybody. If you like food so spicy that your eyes water but your date likes blander fare, you'll both be able to find something to enjoy.