The Artisan Approach: A Closer Look At Craft Pizzas And Their Rise In Popularity

Posted on: 13 June 2023


If you're like most people who schedule a regular pizza night with family and friends, you have your tried and true favorites. There's a lot to be said for ordering from a chain restaurant pizzas with their uniform shapes and consistent, predictable flavors. But recently, you may have noticed a new kind of pizza stealing the spotlight. Enter artisan or craft pizza. It's pizza, but taken up a culinary notch or two. Here's what you need to know about craft pizza and why it's currently having a moment on center stage.

Understanding the Artisan Approach

As you savor an artisan pizza, you're experiencing more than just a meal, you're partaking in a culinary event. Every bite you take tells the story of careful selection, meticulous preparation, and a passion for flavor complexity. This artisan approach is about returning to the roots of pizza-making, where quality is king and every ingredient is thoughtfully chosen.

Each artisan pizza begins with the perfect crust. Instead of the mass-produced dough of commercial pizzerias, artisan crusts are often made from scratch, hand-tossed, and carefully watched as they bake to golden perfection.

Then come the toppings. You won't find a canned mushroom or pre-shredded cheese on your artisan pizza. The emphasis is on locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. The mozzarella might come from a local dairy, the tomatoes could be sourced from a nearby farm, and the basil is likely to be as fresh as possible from a nearby greengrocer or culinary herb business. 

The Secret to Popularity: Authenticity and Creativity

Craft pizza has been gaining popularity because of its authentic and creative approach. You can appreciate the effort, passion, and skill it takes to craft each pizza. This authenticity, paired with the excitement of trying unique flavor combinations, has ignited a new passion for pizza among food enthusiasts worldwide.

Perhaps you're someone who enjoys a slice topped with prosciutto, arugula, and a drizzle of truffle oil, or maybe you're intrigued by a pie adorned with fig, goat cheese, and fresh rosemary. This is the magic of craft pizza - it embraces and celebrates creativity and diversity, making each visit to an artisan pizzeria an exciting culinary adventure.

The Artisan Pizzeria: More Than Just Food

When you step into an artisan pizzeria, you're stepping into an environment where the love of food and community meet. These pizzerias are often locally owned, fostering a connection between the chef, their craft, and the patrons who come to savor their creations. It's an experience of community and connection, rooted in the shared love for a slice well-made.

Reach out to a local pizzeria to learn more.