How Much Should You Tip Your Pizza Delivery Person?

Posted on: 12 June 2017


Pizza delivery is a convenient service that brings food to you when you do not want to cook and you do not want to go out either. Thousands of people take advantage of food delivery services every day, but many people are unaware of the fact that delivery people rely on their tips to make up the bulk of their wages. So, what should you tip the pizza delivery guy? Here are some pointers that should help you figure it out.

The Delivery Person Uses His/Her Own Car

When the delivery person uses his or her own vehicle to make deliveries, you should definitely tip at least fifteen percent. The delivery person has to provide his or her own gas, car maintenance, business insurance, and repairs in order to keep this delivery job. That typically eats up most of his/her paycheck, without the help of tips. If the pizza delivery person drives a company-issued delivery vehicle, then you do not have to tip as much.

Your Pizza Arrives Hot in Less Than Thirty Minutes

That is good customer service if you can get hot pizza in under thirty minutes. That deserves its own reward of a tip, to be sure. Tip at least ten percent. If the order is perfect and the pizza is not burnt, you should tip twenty percent, because that is some really good customer service. Tipping delivery persons is a lot like tipping a waitstaff in a restaurant; tip them for the value of excellent service.

You Know for a Fact the Delivery Person Has to Share Tips

There are actually some restaurants that require that its delivery and waitstaff share tips with everyone else working the same shift. The tips are all counted up at the end of the night and split equally among everyone working that shift. If you know for a fact that that is how the restaurant operates, tip your delivery person BIG so that he/she gets a fair share of that tip. Twenty to thirty percent is about right, unless your pizza, food, or order is wrong, there was poor service, etc.

The Delivery Person Has Unusual Work Expenses

The delivery people at some franchise restaurants pay union dues. There are some other unusual expenses a delivery person may have as they relate to work too. In that case tip at least fifteen percent, because you know those expenses are probably taken directly out of the delivery person's check.