Family-Owned Restaurants: Does Kitchen Smoke Threaten To Overwhelm You?

Posted on: 23 September 2019


Many families choose to open and operate their own diners and restaurants. But in order to keep your kitchen and dining area safe, you must take extra precautions with your ovens and fryers. If your kitchen fills up with smoke and other hazardous fumes when you prepare meals, keep the helpful information below in mind.

Are Kitchen Fumes Harmful?

Fumes of any kind may be harmful, including the fumes caused by hot ovens and fryers. The appliances need to become hot enough to cook your foods thoroughly and safely. However, some types of fatty foods, such as hamburger meat and chicken, can release potentially harmful compounds into the air. If some of your patrons and staff have current respiratory issues, the fumes in your kitchen and restaurant may worsen them. 

If your kitchen does fill up with smoke, you want to take steps to control it. You may try adding foods with low fat content to your menu, such as cod and other fish. You can also try adding steamed foods to your menu. Steamed foods generally cook quickly, which helps reduce preparation time for you. 

If you still wish to keep your current menu as well as eliminate the smoke in your kitchen, try using a different appliance to prepare your food.

Is There Another Way to Control Your Kitchen Smoke?

One of the appliances you can use instead of a traditional fryer and oven is a convection oven, like those from Bulger Equipment LLC. Convection ovens and similar commercial-grade appliances come with built-in exhaust systems. The systems contain and release cooking fumes out of the restaurant instead of inside it. 

If you're ready to purchase or obtain a convection oven, speak to a provider soon. A convection oven provider can help you select an appliance that:

  • fits the size of your kitchen space and meets your serving needs
  • features multiple settings, such as bake, broil, and roast, to help you maintain a full or varied menu
  • increases the productivity in your kitchen

You can also consider placing an exhaust system on your restaurant's roof to help control the fumes in your kitchen. A roof exhaust system may or may not connect directly to your convection oven's exhaust system. A provider can discuss whether or not you need a secondary exhaust system installed on your roof when you speak to them. 

Don't allow kitchen smoke to overwhelm you. Solve your problem today by contacting a provider now.