Healthy Food Stations For A Catered Event

Posted on: 7 January 2020


Eating comfort foods at a function that is going to be encouraging people to participate in team sports may not go over well with people who are watching their waistlines. Thick gravies or fried foods are high in calories and people may feel sluggish if they overindulge in a variety of rich foods. Promoting healthy foods at a catered event can be entertaining and enticing. Set up a couple of different stations, each with a unique theme.

Fill A Bowl

Use wheat or rice bowls as the main components of salads or vegetable samplers. Set up a table that contains greens, onions, tomatoes, okra, and any other component that one would find at a salad bar. Place tongs or a large serving spoon in the center of each ingredient container.

Near the end of the table, place vinaigrettes or low-fat salad dressing options. For additional toppings, offer sunflower seeds and granola. Use labels to identify each ingredient or condiment. Inform your guests to take either a wheat or a rice bowl and to add the items that they prefer, to create a healthy salad or a vegetable sampler.

If the ingredients that you offered to the attendees are ones that were purchased from a local farmer's market or shop, tell your guests about the source so that they can purchase similar products to create another healthy salad or vegetable sampler when they are at home.

Chef's Instructions

Watching cooking shows can help people recreate healthy dishes and many viewers may discover a new twist on a classic dish or a unique cooking style that they weren't aware of before. Use the cooking show theme at the event by requesting the assistance of your caterer or a private chef. Request that the demonstration encompasses a healthy meat dish and a vegetarian platter. By having two vastly different options, most of your guests will probably be intrigued by one of the meals.

Ask the caterer or chef to set up their work station in the central part of the room where the event is being held. The attendees can either gather around the station or they can sit down in seats that are part of an informal viewing area. During the demonstration, questions can be asked or the person who is giving the demonstration can give pointers to the audience.

Afterward, request that individual plates of each dish are prepared and lined up along a table. Allow your guests to sample one or both food creations and to provide feedback. Prepare copies of each recipe and hand them out to everyone who has attended. 

For more information, contact a company that offers health food catering services.