Why A Bakery-Cafe Is A Better Choice Than A Fast Food Restaurant

Posted on: 15 December 2020


Whether you're traveling, running weekend errands, or on a short workday lunch break, being able to find a local restaurant where you can enjoy a quick lunch is important. Many people flock to fast-food establishments when they're pressed for time, but another option is to visit a local bakery-cafe. This type of eatery can be independent, but there are also several bakery-cafe chains in cities around the country. If you haven't yet visited one, now might be the time. Here are some reasons that a bakery-cafe is a better choice than a fast-food restaurant.

Fewer Fried Options

At most fast-food establishments, a significant percentage of the menu is fried. Fried food can definitely taste good, but it can also lead to weight gain in the long term. In the short term, you might occasionally feel bloated and fatigued from eating too much fried food—issues that aren't ideal when you're traveling or when you're grabbing lunch during the workday. When you visit a bakery-cafe, you'll appreciate that there are fewer fried food options on the menu. Instead, many of these eateries have raw options such as salad, grilled items, and baked goods.

More Like Home Cooking

You may also notice that the items that appear on the menu of your local bakery-cafe are more consistent with home-cooked fare. Even when you're eating out, it's nice to choose options that at least partially remind you of the food that you might enjoy at home. For example, many bakery-cafes have lunch options that consist of soup and a sandwich or salad. Some eateries boast that they make their soups from scratch in house, and it's common for the sandwiches to be made to order. This can be more appealing than mass-produced fast-food fare.

More Vegetables

It's difficult to find many vegetables at some fast-food restaurants, even when you scan the menu from top to bottom. This isn't a problem that you'll experience when you visit a bakery-cafe. These eateries often have a variety of salads, but even the sandwiches are packed with veggies. Vegetables, of course, are one of the healthiest things that you can put in your body, and it's important to include them in as many of your meals as you can. Even if your sandwich of choice doesn't have vegetables in it, many bakery-cafes give you the option of ordering vegetables—such as carrot sticks and celery sticks—as a side dish.

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