5 Tips For Eating Ramen

Posted on: 13 April 2021


A ramen restaurant is nothing like having a cheap pack of ramen you can pick up in the store. Ramen is a distinctly Japanese food style that consists of different types of broth, noodles, and ingredients. When you go to a Japanese ramen restaurant, your experience will be enhanced if you know how to enjoy this food style.

#1: Enjoy the Scent

When you get your bowl of ramen, hold it with both of your hands and bring it up close to your face. Take a deep breath of the aroma; this will allow you to experience and savor all the dish's unique scents. Then, take a small sip from the side to sample the broth. This is how you show your respect to the cook and to the dish before you start eating.

#2: Eat as Soon as You Are Served

Ramen is a dish that is meant to be eaten when it is hot. After you show your respect to the dish by breathing in the aroma and sipping the broth, it is time to start eating. It is not considered rude to start eating your dish as soon as it is served. If you wait too long, the broth will get lukewarm and the noodles will start to get soggy. This is one type of food where you are supposed to dig into.

#3: Slurping Is More Than Okay

Normally, when you eat soup or stew, you are encouraged not to slurp. That is not true with ramen. With ramen, you are supposed to slurp. Slurping helps to cool off the broth and noodles so you can enjoy them while they are hot without burning your mouth.

By slurping ramen from the side of your bowl or spoon, you will also mix flavors, creating a tastier experience for your mouth.

Slurping also helps you to eat the noodles all at once. The noodles are not designed to be bitten in half; try to eat them all at once.

#4: Use Both Hands

When eating ramen, you will want to hold the chopsticks in one hand and the spoon in your other hand. You can use the chopsticks to help guide noodles and topping onto your spoon. Or you can take a sip of broth, followed by a bite from the chopsticks.

#5: Finish Off the Broth

After you have eaten all the noodles and toppings, and you have broth in your bowl, finish it off! Pick up the bowl with both hands and drink the remaining broth. In a traditional Japanese establishment, finishing off the broth is considered a way to show the chef you appreciated the dish.

You should start and finish your meal at a ramen restaurant by picking up the bowl with both hands, enjoying the smell, and tasting the broth. Ramen isn't about formal eating; it is about slurping and eating all the steaming hot ingredients quickly to appreciate the dish's flavors and taste them fully.