8 Great Caribbean Desserts To Try

Posted on: 16 July 2021


When it comes to ordering food or going out to a restaurant, you will want to ensure that you order dessert. When visiting a Caribbean restaurant, you are going to want to save room for dessert.

1. Caribbean Bread Pudding

Bread pudding may be a humble dessert, but it is a good one. Caribbean bread pudding is known as pudin de pan. It is a great dish that uses some raisins, a little rum, and a little pudding to create a simple and tasty treat. 

2. Tamarind Balls

A tamarind ball looks a little like a doughnut hole. However, the taste is different. It has both a sweet and sour taste to it. 

3. Peanut Drops

Peanut drops are popular in Jamaica. They are made by boiling roasted peanuts and then mixing them up with ginger, brown sugar, and water. They are boiled until all the water is gone, creating a sticky caramel-like substance. They are generally served cold and hardened. 

4. Bulla Cake

A bulla cake is made with baking soda, molasses, and flour. It is usually spiced with either nutmeg or ginger. The cake is round and flat and is usually topped with some butter, avocado, and cheese. It is a sweet and savory treat all at the same time. 

5. Coconut Drops

Coconut drops are made with coconut and mixed with ginger, vanilla, salt, and brown sugar. Kind of like the peanut drops, the mixture is boiled until sticky lumps are made. The mixture is dried out before they are eaten. This is a popular dessert snack in the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica. 

6. Cassava Pone

Cassava pone is a very popular dessert. It has the appearance of a pound cake. It is made using sweet potatoes, coconut, nutmeat, cassava root, pumpkin, butter, and milk. It is a sweet little cake that is popular throughout the Caribbean and is common on the dessert menu. 

7. Gizzada

A gizzada is a pastry-style dessert. A pastry shell with a pinched crust is filled with a sweet and spicy coconut filling. This dessert is informally called the pinch-me-round due to the fact that the pastry is often round in shape, and the dough is pinched all around it.

8. Sweet Potato Pudding

Another typical Caribbean dessert is sweet potato pudding. Like many Caribbean desserts, it contains sweet potatoes, coconut milk, vanilla, and nutmeg. It also contains dried fruit. It is commonly made in a coal pot in a traditional manner instead of in an oven. It is warmed with coal on the bottom. 

If you are heading to a Caribbean restaurant, you will want to ensure that you save room for dessert. Many Caribbean desserts contain ingredients such as coconut, sweet potatoes, and nutmeg.