Pizza Toppings That Aid In Stomach Digestion

Posted on: 28 December 2021


After eating a delicious pizza, the last thing you want to experience is stomach issues. Bloating or a full stomach can lead to digestive issues. Thankfully, the next time you order pizza, you can take proactive measures to help with any stomach issues you have. Instead of limiting the amount of pizza you have, specific toppings will aid in digestion and create a smooth experience.

Check out some of the more common pizza toppings that aid in digestion and will make a positive difference in your body.

Mozzarella Cheese

When you select a cheese for your pizza, stick with one of the classics like mozzarella. The cheese has probiotics that will aid in the health of your stomach and make it easier to digest overall. With less sodium, you will not feel as bloated. Some Italian restaurants may have a standard cheese blend and a separate mozzarella option, so read the menu carefully.


The fiber found in spinach can help break the pizza down faster and keep your metabolism moving. Spinach is a nice fresh topping for pizza that blends well with cheese and sauces. In some cases, you could order spinach underneath the cheese to add layers of flavor to the pizza. Spinach is also a good source of vitamins, like Vitamin A and Vitamin K.


If you enjoy meat on your pizza, then consider lean white meat like chicken. With less sodium and fat, fresh chicken will go through a stomach a lot easier and provide you with extra protein. The meat is easy to digest and pairs well with traditional pizza sauce. Some restaurants may offer both breaded and grilled chicken options. Choose your preference.


One of the more common pizza toppings to enjoy with chicken is broccoli. A chicken and broccoli pizza goes great with both a tomato sauce base and an Alfredo sauce base. In the stomach, broccoli has several benefits. The vegetable is very high in fiber and will aid stomach digestion.

In the stomach itself, broccoli can help limit some of the bad bacteria in the stomach lining. This helps you feel good after eating and will make a big difference when you enjoy your favorite pizza. If you want the benefits of broccoli without the big chunks, then you can request that the broccoli be finely chopped on top of the pizza.

Try out different pizzas and see the differences they make on your stomach. When you choose specific ingredients, you can enjoy more pizza without upsetting your stomach.

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