Pros And Cons Of Offering Delivery At A Pizza Restaurant

Posted on: 22 April 2022


When you open a pizza restaurant, it is often just assumed that you will offer delivery. After all, pizza was one of the first foods to be widely delivered, and many pizza restaurants do a lot of delivery business. However, there are pizza restaurants that don't offer delivery. Opening such a restaurant might, in fact, be right for you. So, how do you know whether or not you should offer delivery as a pizza restaurant? You can start by weighing the following pros and cons of offering delivery.

Pro: You'll offer what customers expect.

Customers often expect that a pizza restaurant offers delivery. If you do not offer delivery, you may get calls from customers who want to order and you'll have to turn those orders down. Regardless of whether or not delivery becomes a big part of your operation, offering it to customers simplifies things and keeps you from having to say "no" as often.

Con: Delivery requires you to hire drivers.

If you do offer delivery, you will need to hire drivers, which are not always easy to come by. You need employees who have their own car and who you can trust to get the pizza to customers on time. If labor is in short supply in your area, not offering delivery is a good way to keep staffing needs down.

Pro: You won't have to deal with as many third-party delivery apps.

These days, a lot of customers order delivery via third-party apps. Dealing with these apps can be a nuisance if you are running a busy kitchen. If you offer delivery in-house, then customers can order directly from you, giving you more control of the process. You might still get some third-party orders, but they should be few and far between.

Con: You have to find ways to keep your pizza fresh.

You want your delivery customers to get the same great pizza they would enjoy in-house at your restaurant. This can take some experimentation. You may have to try out different pizza boxes, various insulated carriers, and the like. If this all seems like too much of a hassle, you may not want to offer delivery—at least not right away.

While offering delivery can be a good way to bring more business to your pizza restaurant, it is not always an essential step. Consider the pros and cons above as you decide whether your restaurant should offer delivery. For more information, contact a pizzeria that offers delivery services, such as Love Buzz Pizza Pub